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How about some good news, for a change?

We learned from Prosper Strategies, a non-profit consulting group the following GOOD NEWS, despite the hardship and impact of the coronavirus.

When COVID-19 first hit the U.S., fundraisers were fearful that the pandemic and resulting economic collapse would decimate charitable giving. But so far, that fear has not come to fruition, and the future looks hopeful, too. In fact, a long-running survey from Campbell Rinker found that 58 percent of donors expect to give as much to charity in 2020 as they gave in 2019, and 13 percent plan to give more.

The survey also found that donors have a far more optimistic outlook about the economy, and its impact on their giving habits, than they did at the beginning of the great recession in 2008.

CAMP Newsletter Issue 18
Some good news: donors plan to give!

C.A.M.P. University, like many other non-profit services, has felt the impact, and yet, we continue to see good-hearted, charitable donors and patrons come forth.

Our current needs include funding student tuition, required improvements to our building (OTHER GOOD NEWS...our building is totally paid for!), and key cost-of-mission budget items. We trust, that just like the aforementioned survey said, that those who love C.A.M.P. will continue demonstrate their love for C.A.M.P.!


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