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Not "ZOOMed" Out

While most in the world are talking about "Zoom fatigue," CAMPers are just ramping up. Throughout the stay-at-home mandates, CAMP has gone online and hosted in-person classes over the span of several weeks. While a few students are returning, some are still hesitant. C.A.M.P. University staff have worked hard to be inclusive of stay-at-home CAMPers while catering to our students' needs on site. Lessons like "cake pops" and learning new, online etiquette are helping serve our mission of continuing to develop adults with special needs.

CAMP Newsletter Issue 18
CAMPers Zoom On

Here at C.A.M.P. we continue to look to our state and national leadership for protocols to stay open and stay well. We anticipate a healthy and #happycamper future, better than we had in the past!


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