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Teaching Philanthropy to Our Special Needs CAMPers

As a nonprofit we are often focused on what we need from others, such as grants, donations, opportunities to talk about our mission, supplies for lessons, new volunteers and interns, etc. But one thing we always try to do more of is give back to the community that does so much for us.

Our CAMPers are always made aware of donations that come in because we want them to know how much they are loved by the community and practice showing gratitude. Usually afterwards they start coming up with ideas like, “We should write thank you notes,” or “Let’s take a picture with them.” We are just in awe of their sweet hearts and that they are always thinking of ways to make other people’s days brighter.

During the month of November, we participate in an end of year giving campaign that focuses on one particular need the organization has. This always ties into #GivingTuesday, a worldwide day of giving that falls on the first Tuesday following Thanksgiving. This year the CAMPers want to give back in their own philanthropic endeavors. They have started collecting pop tabs at home and here at CAMP for the local Ronald McDonald House. They are also bringing in canned foods that we will take to the food bank when we all volunteer to help during their Thanksgiving rush. It’s so fun to see them cheer each other on when someone adds a pop tab to the bucket or comes in with a grocery bag full of cans.

We support them by providing opportunities for them to succeed. We set up appointments for volunteering. We sell flavored waters and teas that are in cans during lunch at cost (we discourage sodas while they’re here at CAMP). We plan lessons that get CAMPers thinking about what we are grateful for and how we can be a blessing to those around us. And, of course, we celebrate their successes.

This year (2019), for our End of Year/GivingTuesday campaign, we will be raising funds to retrofit an elevator in our building so that all CAMPers will be able to access the second floor of our building safely. This is important not just for those who are using wheel chairs but also for those with seizure disorders, those who are at a greater risk of falling, those who struggle due to weight, and those who are getting older and have joints that hurt. It also means we will have full use of our space. It’s a big goal but we are pushing closer to the goal with grants and fundraisers like this one.

Do you have any plans to help others this holiday season? Will you be donating items or volunteering your time? Will you give to a charity like ours that depends on your support to continue serving the community? We’d love to hear from you.

For more information on #GivingTuesday you can visit our GivingTuesday Campaign page.


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