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About C.A.M.P. University

We help Adults with Special Needs after high school so they Can Achieve Maximum Potential

C.A.M.P. University is a day program that is offered to High School Graduates with intellectual delays. C.A.M.P. stands for Can Achieve Maximum Potential and is based on the belief that special education graduates can and should continue staying active socially, mentally, and physically in order to reach their own maximum potential. Although not an actual University, C.A.M.P. does provide ways for members to challenge themselves and explore interests.

Our Story

When Emily Sasser graduated high school and her parents realized she couldn't go back they asked themselves, "Well, what are we going to do now?"  So her mother, Abbie, started calling parents of friends from school and organizing get-togethers, a few days a week, for low cost activities like frisbee golf in the park or dollar-movies. As the years went on, the Sassers ran into more and more families that said the same thing--"When they graduated from high school, we just thought, 'Well now, what are we going to do?'"  C.A.M.P. University was therefore born to be an answer --a big answer-- for a lot of families in the same predicament with a young adult who couldn't go off to neurotypical university but still needed a place to develop, learn, and interact with peers.  That was circa 2007, and C.A.M.P. is in its 16th year of becoming a safe space for adults with special needs.

Our Mission

C.A.M.P. University provides opportunities for adults with special needs to continue developing interests as well as life, social, and job skills so that they Can Achieve their Maximum Potential. C.A.M.P. University also provides respite and support for their families.

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