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Expressive Therapies for the Spectrum

According to the website

"The vast majority of children with autism have at least one mental health condition too, new research suggests.

Almost 78% of kids on the spectrum are diagnosed with some type of mental health condition and almost half have two or more. Even among preschool-age children with autism, 44.8% have such conditions. By contrast, just 14.1% of young people without autism have mental health conditions." The implications of this

Photo Courtesy: AutismSpectrumNews.Org

burden both the child and parent, as well as society. Individuals particularly with autism tend to suffer duly with anxiety, depression and behavior and conduct problems. The article also states that early intervention is best.

At C.A.M.P. University, we certainly attest to the signs of mental health deterioration. Often parents walk through our doors complaining that their student-with-special-needs is depressed or has regressed since graduation high school. First of all, that is why C.A.M.P. exists -- to provide a nurturing environment where these students can still grow-- and second of all, that's why we partner with expressive therapies provided by partners like RGV Music Therapy and Kansas State Drama Therapy Interns. We see, and believe, that cultivating creative expression helps relieve those suffering with mental health conditions.


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