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September is Deaf Awareness Month

Several of our CAMPers are hearing impaired so we thought it would be fitting to recognize that September is Deaf Awareness Month in one of our blog posts this month. Those that do have hearing difficulties are able to wear hearing aids while at CAMP. However, our staff is also diligent about communicating with those CAMPers by making sure they are watching us when we speak to them, making sure they understand what has been said before moving on, and occasionally reminding them to put their hearing aids back in. Furthermore, we make sure that their fellow CAMPers know how to interact with them. Sometimes this may come in the form of conflict resolution but usually it is accomplished by teaching sign language. We find this to be equally as helpful for our CAMPers who are hearing but are nonverbal or have limited verbal skills.

Here are some great ideas for how you can get involved this month from a blog we like called Hearing Like Me.



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