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We read quite a few newsletters that are relevant to the adults with special needs populace we are in community with. Every day-habilitation or group home is different in how it handles both students, or residents, as well as their families. COVID-19 definitely has impacted

CAMP Newsletter Issue 18
CAMP University's Newsletter Issue 18 is Out

our community, and sometimes, we feel, that for the at-large public it has produced a heightened awareness as to what students feel like, post-high school, when they have no alternative to staying at home.

Twice a year we publish our C.A.M.P. University newsletter, which is fondly called, "Yearbook," by our students. We are curious.... what do you like to see or know about in our newsletter? Is there something missing or something different? Respond here or give us a call at 956.800.5292.


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